Please be informed that Switched Ethernet (SWE)'s Port Utilization Service will be enhanced with security feature.


From 31st May onward, please access this service through https// or alternatively, through e-Services at


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With SWE's Port Utilization Service, the customer is able to view his/her network charts via internet anytime. Having this information, the customer is able to plan his network connectivity and capacity accordingly.

The reports will feature data captured daily, weekly (last 7days), monthly (last 5 weeks) & yearly (last 12 months). Each report will also provide maximum, minimum and average data as well.

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This e-login service is only available to corporate customers of SWE. The username and password have already been previously issued to the appointed personnel in your company as part of the subscription to the service. Should you require more details, kindly contact your StarHub Account Manager.

#Note : SWE's Port Utilization Service is operated on Open Source software which could be enhanced from time to time by various international software developers. StarHub shall not be responsibility for the contents or reliability of data capture by Open Source software. StarHub shall make no warranties, representations, statements or guarantees in regards to the use of Open Source software.